Beneficial ownership roadmap webinar 1: Exploring beneficial ownership disclosure and institutional frameworks.

This is the first webinar in our series on how to develop a beneficial ownership roadmap. For more guidance on beneficial ownership, visit our dedicated guidance page.

This training is intended for National Secretariats. For questions about this series, contact

1. Beneficial Ownership Roadmap webinar 1: Exploring beneficial ownership disclosure and institutional frameworks.

Tuesday 26 July 10 am Oslo time | Duration: 1 hour

Facilitator: Eddie Rich

Part 1: Exploring how beneficial ownership disclosure can support national reform priorities

Duration: 30 minutes

Multi Stakeholder groups may wish to begin discussions on beneficial ownership and roadmap planning by establishing the relevance of beneficial ownership disclosure to national debates and priorities aimed at addressing existing challenges in the extractive sector.

Establishing this relevance early on may contribute to build understanding of how openness about beneficial ownership can be beneficial to the country, build stakeholder support for this work, and ensure that the activities in the MSG’s roadmap are linked to wider government priorities.

In this webinar, participants will discuss consider the following questions: How does beneficial ownership transparency fit with ongoing national discussions and priorities in your country? What are the challenges related to hidden ownership in the extractive sector in your country? How does beneficial ownership transparency fit with the existing objectives for implementation outlined in your MSGs workplan?

Part 2: considering the institutional framework for beneficial ownership disclosure

Duration: 30 minutes

MSGs are encouraged to mainstream beneficial ownership disclosures in government and company systems. Wide consultations can help identify the agencies best suited to oversee, the collection and maintenance of beneficial ownership data, as well as identifying any existing corporate filing processes that beneficial ownership information could be embedded in. MSGs might wish to consider any relevant legal/regulatory reforms that are ongoing or in the pipeline, and discuss opportunities for embedding beneficial ownership in such reforms.

In this webinar, participants will consider the following questions: Which government agencies should be involved in collecting and maintaining beneficial ownership data in your country? Are there any relevant legal or regulatory reforms in the pipeline in your country that could facilitate beneficial ownership transparency?